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Submatix is a fast growing rebreather producing company. They had an impressive presentation. Documentation and information was perfect. The units look good and there is a CE certified model now. (Submatix SCR 100 ST).
Now offered:

SCR 100 ST with CE standard semi closed rebreather
SCR 100 XT semi closed rebreather with two different gasses (travel/bottom)
SCR 100 SMS Needle valve selfmixing unit (external oxygen bottle)

SCR 100 ST

SCR 100 XT


Submatic developped a hose connection without thread they call it " PRO CON" connector

Finally a GOOD mouthpiece. This is a real improvement. I wrote in 2003 that the Azimuth mouthpiece should be looked at for design reasons. These guys did that! The mouthpiece operated fantastic. It is very smooth, and van be closed and opened without any problem and with ONE hand! 10 points! for this mouthpiece
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