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Hi janwillem!

I did a quick search for the British unit you have posted as "unknown" on http://www.therebreathersite.nl/Zuurstofrebreathers/Unidentified/unknown.htm, it is one of the ones I photographed at the navy diving centre some years ago. It seems to be a British "SEBA" and there is one listed in the collection from the Royal Nave submarine museum, see the http://www.rnsubmus.co.uk/pubscheme/23%20Collection.pdf  (look at page 201

Q21/05/87 SEBA set
Submarine Escape Breathing Apparatus
Naval issue SEBA set: orange rubber with tubing and mouthpiece. This is missing the Oxy-Nitrogen
cylinder. This belonged to PO A Bland, who served aboard HMS Umpire (and was used to escape fron it).
Stamped on the back '250 Drawing No 187 A.P.S347A'.


See You  // Åke

These guys were diving there Siebe helmets in 1916. They where filmed in 20.000 leagues under the sea. It seemed they where using rebreathers in that film. Hall-Rees and another type... anyone?
Anthony Appleyard wrote:
"I heard that in one old filming of 20.000 leagues under the sea, they used Oxylite rebreathers"

Is this a Gibbs or McCaa? Who knows?

Well, this one is identified by mr. Brian Robinson, mine rescue consultant in the UK. I mislead everyone asking about a Gibbs or a McCaa. It isn't both. It is the Blacketts Aerorphor- Brown & Mills type. It is sat over a stand and you cannot see the breathing bag at the front. As far as I know it is a very old mine rescue rebreather, worth further research. I will ask mr. Robinson for more details, and maybe soon we can put some extra lines about this beauty.

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