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Dr. Errol J. Harding wrote me a few years ago about the development of his Abyss rebreather. The shown unit is looking very nice and it must have taken a large effort to build such unit. In the same country a well known other rebreather builder has been very active during many years. Kerry did not only build his own rebreathers but advised hundreds of divers in how to achieve there goals. Kerry is one of the pioneers in rebuilding SCR rebreathers to CC rebreathers using his own developed metering valves. One of his units has been described on my web here: .

Now these pioneers have found each other and decided to join hands. They started a new cooperation called "Rebreathers Australia".
Goal is to produce rebreather parts and offer them to homebuilders. One of the first things to realize is offering the StingRay and Abyss CC rebreather as a kit. The Stingray is a small sports CC rebreather and can be equipped with two liter bottles. Gas supply can be chosen by the builder. It can be Kerry's metering valve system or a Kiss sytem. The project is far from finished and on the diveshow in Australia only prototypes were showed. The units look very nice and there are rumors the kits are available end this year. The StingRay rebreathers weights 18-19 kilo, has a fiberglass case. Hoses are in production. (03-04-2005). The Unit is equipped with the Oxycheq 18 pound Wing and the O-pack harness

This is the ABYSS rebreather in the new layout

Here are both units side by site.

The New Company's LOGO

StingRay metering valve

added 03-04-2005

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