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Date: 15 February 2005

Underwater breathing apparatus for special forces & operations

Database oxygen rebreathers by: J.W. Bech



Produced in the USA




Land of origin



Special Note: 

Bypass in special version


User group

Military - tactical


Part no:



Working principle

Demand valve


Gas type

Pure oxygen


Cylinder volume

2.0 L


Max. cylinder pressure

207 bar working pressure

300 bar testpressure

Material of cylinder

Aluminium alloy


Counterlung inspire volume

6 L


Counterlung exhale volume



Dive time duration

4+ hours with sofnolime 408-NI-L and 2 ltr cylinder

6+ hours with sofnolime 812-NI and 2 ltr cylinder
depending on diver efford and water temperature!

Operating temperature



Magnetic signature

Non magnetic <4 nano telsa or gamma


Weight ready to use in Air

11,6 kg


Weight ready to use in water

Not specified



10 mtrs depending on pO2 allowed


Scrubber material










Chest or Back


Mouthpiece shut off valve



Full Face mask attached (FFM)






Extra info:



Extra info:


Additional information:


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If you have any information to add this sheet please mail it to jw.bech@quicknet.nl References to source and names will always be added!  


Info found: http://www.aqualung.com/military/PDF_Data_Sheets/Rebreathers/Oxy-Lung.pdf 


Origin: http://www.therebreathersite.nl




 The OXY-LUNG is a chest-worn (or optional back-worn) closed-circuit pure oxygen underwater breathing apparatus.
Developed for intensive use, it has high performance, but simple design remains. The OXY-LUNG is robust compact,
and it does not require any special tools for general maintenance. It comes in the form of a rigid unit comprising the
absorbent canister, the oxygen cylinder and the breathing bag. The diver breathes into the apparatus through a
mouthpiece which is fitted with a valve and is held in the mouth by a strap and
connected to two corrugated tubes which lead to the inhalation and exhalation
hose containing the corresponding non-return valve. It is fitted with a pressure
gauge which indicates the pressure of oxygen remaining in the cylinder. The
OXY-LUNG is a self-contained demand type free diving apparatus using pure
oxygen in closed-circuit. It comes standard with a cylinder contents gauge and
by-pass. The OXY-LUNG is made by Aqua-Lung in the U.S.A.
The oxygen consumed is automatically replaced when, as a result of a reduction
in the volume of gases in the closed-circuit, the wall of the breathing bag
activates the oxygen second stage demand valve. The circulation of gases is
ensured by the action of two non-return valves. The whole of the exhaled gas
passes directly through the absorbent canister where the carbon dioxide is
100% absorbed.
The OXY-LUNG is fitted with an additional safety
system for the manual supply of medium
pressure oxygen via what is usually called a “bypass”.
This by-pass is built into the first stage High
Pressure -Medium Pressure reducing valve and
permits Medium Pressure oxygen to be injected
directly into the breathing bag through a pipe fitted
to its support plate. The by-pass has a controlled
flow in order to avoid over-rapid inflation of the
bag and will assure the supply of oxygen, even
in the case of failure of the second stage demand
valve. From a tactical point of view, the by-pass
can be used jointly with the Medium Pressure/
Low Pressure handwheel to avoid the release of
bubbles during peek and tactical approaches in
very shallow water.




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