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Biopak 240

Date: 09 April 2003

  Biomarine Inc.

JW. Bech





Biopak 240


Land of origin



Special Note: 



User group

Terrestrial firefighting/Mine rescue/military


Part no:

Biopak 240


Working principle

1,65 ltr/min CMF

Plus volume activated demand valve

Gas type

Pure oxygen


Cylinder volume

535 ltr


Max. cylinder pressure

3000  PSI

Room temperature

Material of cylinder

Fiberglass wrapped aluminium cylinder


Counterlung inspire



Counterlung exhale



Dive time duration

4 hours


Operating temperature



Magnetic signature



Weight ready to use in Air

17,7 kg


Weight ready to use in water




Not for UW use

UW use after mod.

Scrubber material

Refillable canister

Calcium hydroxide





~ $ 5000,00



Back  worn



Full face mask+ valves

FFM = Scott








Low pressure alarm at 25% of volume


Coolant ring around the canister


Overpressure valve

  Equipped with heat absorbent canister "Blue Ice"



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Info found:





The BioPak 240 is an American made closed-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus. It recirculates the major portion of the user's exhaled gas. A small oxygen cylinder provides make-up gas to a breathing chamber. The user inhales the gas into a silicone facepiece. The user's exhaled breath passes through a carbon dioxide absorbent and back into the breathing chamber, where fresh oxygen is added. The replenished gas is now available for the next inhalation.
A spring-loaded diaphragm in the breathing chamber maintains the positive pressure in the system. If the user's inhalation fully depletes the breathing chamber, the demand, free flow valve automatically supplies the additional oxygen required. If the user's exhalation causes the diaphragm to fully expand, excess gas is vented out of the relief valve. A loud, high-pitched, pressure activated whistle alarm sounds when approximately 20-25% service life remains. A manual bypass is provided to override the supply system in an emergency. In the BioPak 240, a "blue ice" coolant canister is added to the inhalation side of the breathing circuit to cool the breathing gas on the way to the mask.
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Exton, PA (March 16, 1998). Biomarine Inc. of Exton, PA, was awarded a four year contract with the On-Site Inspection Agency (Washington, DC), a Department of Defense branch, to supply closed-circuit breathing apparatus’. This apparatus, the BioPak 240, will be used in operations designed to inspect foreign chemical

weapons facilities for compliance with the conditions of the Chemical Weapons Convention parameters which was signed in early May 1997.

Due to the agreement reached in this Convention, Biomarine Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Neutronics Inc. of Exton, PA, is anticipating an increasing demand for this breathing apparatus. Historically, foreign countries - including those countries apart of the Convention - look to the U.S. Military to set the standard in health and safety equipment. The On-Site Inspection Agency (OSIA) – who will be using the BioPak 240s - has the mission of preparing for on-site inspections in the Russian Federation and in the U.S. These inspections are in accordance with the two bilateral Chemical Weapon arms control agreements between the U.S. and Russia. To properly conduct inspections, OSIA inspectors need the capability to perform inspection activities in areas where the level of contamination either cannot be monitored or exceeds OSHA-approved levels. And this is where Biomarine Inc. becomes involved. The special closed-circuit breathing apparatus is specifically designed for long duration use in hazardous, toxic and poor air quality environments. The patented design of the Bio Pak 240 makes it unique for two reasons: (1) the rigid, durable plastic breathing chamber, and (2) the copper (vs. plastic) internal tubing. These two unique features significantly reduce the chances of contaminants entering the breathing loop. The BioPak 240 can be used in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH).

Biomarine Inc. continues to develop its technology and product design to remain current with the most demanding conditions and the safety concerns surrounding those conditions. Chemical weapons inspection is just one of many applications in which the BioPak can be and is utilized.





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