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Russian SCBA Model KIP-8

The KIP-8 is a russian fire fighter rebreather. The SCBA has a period of use of 60 minutes or higher.

The KIP-8 is an back-worn rebreather. The webbings are maiden from nylon. The case is a shell construction like many back-worn rebreathers. 


At storage, the fullface mask is packed in a green canvas bag. The backside of the shell is curved to fit the users contour.
Here's is the SCBA open. The mask is a modification of GP-5, a regular gasmask
The KIP-8 with the basic components. Looks simple, is simple. The opening in the middle is for the overpressure valve. 
The counterlung is maiden in grey rubber and has a volume of 9 liters.
The overpressure valve. 
The counterlung is hooked on the top left and right.
The KIP-8 regulator has an constant flow plus an auto-add valve. The flow is 2.5  liters per minute. The regulator fits for the regular russian oxygen thread.
The cylinder is 1 liter volume, and is filled to 150 BAR. 
The scubber hsa volume of round 1000 ml. It must filled by the upper opening
The low pressure warning function. If the oxygen tank pressure falls under 50 bar, this valve start to whistle and make a respiration resistance. 
The external pressure gauge. 
The mask with the valve case and the spit trap. Here are the valves  maiden of rubber and a plastic frame. They have a big diameter for a comfortable breathing.
The Kip-8 loop is closed in storage with a black rubber plug.
The serial number with type number. 
All pictures thanks to Lutz  company 

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