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Recently Alexey Stekolshikow wrote me with very interesting information about the IDA-72 series rebreathers. Alexey owns the IDA-72 in the "V" version. He kindly supplied me information explaining the differences between the types. I would like to thank Alexey for sharing this information and I am looking forward to receive pictures of his rebuild unit. He planned to rebuild the IDA-72V into a semiclosed rebreather.

IDA-72V is written IDA-72B in Russian. The IDA-72V is shown here. "V" stands for Vodyanoj meaning "water heated". So the IDA72V is umbilical guided and dived unit supplied with hot water and probably gas. The bottles inside will offer redundancy.

IDA-72E is the Elektricheskij version, meaning "electrically heated". The unit works in the same principle but received low voltage electric power form the surface. The IDA72E was later modified for the use of Heliox and called IDA 73

Here you see one of the first pictures known of the IDA72V. The hotwater supply hose can be seen on the left.
About the electrical connector Dave Sutton writes:

This is the connector that is hooked to the divers umbilical to send a telemetry signal to the surface if the rig lost umbilical supply. This would allow the surface controllers to determine the casualty to the system. In addition, an audible sonic-signal is made to the diver. Next to the cable exit is the battery door for the system

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