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 IDA-59 (ИДА-59)

Date: 11 March 2003


JW. Bech


Russian Government



IDA-59 (M?)


Land of origin



Special Note: 

Submarine escape


User group



Part no:



Working principle

CMF with manual bypass and auto switch at depth to helium mix


Gas type

Oxygen and helium


Cylinder volume

2 tanks of 1 liter


Max. cylinder pressure

250 bar


Material of cylinder



Counterlung inspire



Counterlung exhale



Dive time duration

2.5 hours


Operating temperature



Magnetic signature



Weight ready to use in Air

15 kilo


Weight ready to use in water




0-20 on oxygen!
20-37 on nitrox

37-300 on helium mix


Scrubber material

Russian sofnolime












Dual hose with shut-off valve

















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Info found:





Info: Highlights of the Russian Navy Rebreather IDA-59 M

§         fully closed rebreather

§         originally used as bailout system for submarines from a maximum depth of 300 meters and for exercising light underwaterwork down to 90 meters.

§         works with trimix and pure oxygen

§         gases are stored in 2 seperate 1 liter tanks

§         one scrubber canister

§         continous-flow method for pure oxygen

§         4 depth ranges for different continous-flow rates ( 0-20 meters;20-37 meters;37-55 meter; >60 meter no continous-flow anymore)

§         continous-flow rate changes automatically at 3 different depths  

§         different continous-flow rates when either descending or ascending

§         pure mechanical apparatus (no batteries,no electronics)

§         maximum depth: 90 meter (for greater depth an additional helium-tank must be connected)

§         maximum divetime approx. 2.5 hours when exercising light work

§         weight is 15kg with filled scrubbercanister

§         scrubber material can be DRAEGERSORB or SOFNOLIME

§         comes with a fullface-mask



Speciaal ontworpen voor het ontsnappen uit onderzeeërs. De IDA-59 was het antwoord aan de bemanning van Russische onderzeeërs die zich ernstig zorgen maakte over de duikdieptes die in deze jaren konden worden bereikt. De rebreather is ontworpen als een borst gedragen model. Het perfecte ontwerp heeft zich in de praktijk bewezen toen de bemanning van de Komsomolets zich vanaf een diepte van 600 (!) meter met deze rebreather zich wisten te redden. Het toestel is niet alleen gebruikt voor het ontsnappen uit de commandotoren maar ook uit de torpedobuizen. Het toestel kan zowel als zuurstofrebreather en als trimix SC rebreather worden ingezet.

At the left on a photo the general view of the device IDA-59, and on the right way of accommodation on a body is represented.

The device IDA-59 was accepted on arms in 1960. It is intended for use by crews of submarines as for realization of simple diving works as well as for rescue in emergencies. In the latter case device allows to carry out(spend) stops for decompression due to an opportunity of change of a gas mix. The device consists from tank in capacity 1 litre with a mix heliox under pressure 250 bar. And one more of tank containing oxygen, box of an absorber, respiratory bag, oxygen device of submission of gas. At rise on a surface the respiratory bag is inflated and is used as a saving waistcoat.

With the help of this device the crews of submarines left from depths up to 300 meters.      








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