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Recently I became the proud owner of a Pirelli Polifemo rebreather. The unit is a pearl in my collection and came with the traditional Pirelli diving suit. Presuming all details about this suit could already be found on the www, I did not find much. So I decided to add an article about this mother of diving suits.


The Pirelli suit was patented in 1951 but was designed in 1930's. It proved it's use during WW II and became available for sports divers after the War.


Here you see the Polifemo oxygen rebreather with the remarkable mask and snorkel.

Here you see the suit complete with O-ring and belt.

The valve allows trapped air to escape. It is mounted on the head (highest point)

Details of the belt.

Here the belt and O-ring mounted.

This instruction describes how the suit is handled.

Here you see that the belt and O-ring are changed after the patent was granted.
Hope you enjoyed this information!
I would like to thank AndrÚ Schrama and BO-RAGNAR FRÍLAND for their fantastic help. Without them this article would not exist!

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