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Recently I was able to buy a complete Pirelli LS-901. On this page you find all details about my collectors item ;)
First I will start with the manual.

I would be very pleased if someone would translate the manual for me. Page per page is OK, no rush!

Since this page has been damaged, I have this page from another manual:
Next part of the pirelli project is to get all parts working again and clean the unit. The counterlung has to be repaired and there are some cracks in the mask.
Here you see all the brass parts cleaned and polished. The conical Bailout valve is greased with oxygen compatible grease. When the diver is on the surface he can open the DSV and breath fresh air.
Inside of the mask.
Very old hose clamp ;)
Divers Surface Valve replaced.
Here is the breathing hose connector that is fitted to the scrubber
The next part of this restoration is the constant mass flow valve. This valve is a very nice designed mass flow valve. On page 12 of the manual you find that the constant mass flow can be adjusted during the dive. When the diver is short of oxygen due to his metabolic rate, he is able to bypass the valve with a hand lever. The valve is build completely from brass and some parts from stainless steel.
Rubber made in 1943 does not last 65 years unfortunately....
since spareparts are not available they need to be made by yourself..
The finished mass flow valve.
Here you see the quality of the soldering. One of the remarks in the NEDU report. (Follows later)
Now I have been promised to receive a better counterlung. So when this has arrived the unit is completely restored.
To follow: Counterlung + Nedu report about the LS 901 written in 1954

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