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 Fushun HYZ4

Date: 19 June 2003

Mine rescue breathing apparatus
positive pressure version 

JW. Bech







Land of origin



Special Note: 

Not for UW use


User group

Mine rescue/fire fighting


Part no:



Working principle

CMF/on demand/manual

1,0l/min /100l/min / 80 l/min

Gas type

Pure oxygen


Cylinder volume

3 liters


Max. cylinder pressure

200 bar


Material of cylinder



Counterlung inspire



Counterlung exhale



Dive time duration

4 hours


Operating temperature



Magnetic signature



Weight ready to use in Air

12,8 kilogram


Weight ready to use in water






Scrubber material










On the back



Dual hose, FFM






Integrated cooling system



FFM integrated with demister, built in alarm for low pressure.

Fushun Coal Mine Safety Instrument General Factory
39 Xincheng middle Road Fushun 113006P.R. China
tel +86 (U)413-7673690
fax+86 (U)413-7676559
Postcode 113006

 Founded on jan.1,1953,Fushun Coal Mine Safety lnstrument General Factory is the earliest and largest manufacturer specialized in the research and production of top-quality coal mine safety instruments adn safety equipment in China. We were entitled "State Key Enterprise"by The state Administratiom of Machinery lndustry in 1986,classified as "Second Class of Large-sized State-owned Enterprise"according to the 176th certificate issued by State Economic & Trade Commission on July 30,1992,authorized to do business with foreign company directly by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic cooperation in 1998.We are a subsidiary of liaoning Administration of Coal lndustry, and also the chairman member of china national clal Machinery lndustry Association Safety lnstruments Branch.

In order to meet the needs of safety in mining production,Chinese government invested a lot of funds and materials to develop and strengthen the manufacturing industry of coal mine safety equipment, reconstructed and extended Fushun coal Mine Safety Instrument General Factory in 1956,1960,and 1984,hence,our productive capacity was significantly increased.The land area of the factory is 50,000m2,and the constructed area is 52,000m2.We have 75.38 million RMB original fixed asset as well as 770 units of various machine.The basic facilities necessary for production such as water and electricity supplies etc. are sufficient in the factory. Our well-equipped waste-disposal facilities ensure compliance with the requirements of strict environmental regulations.We have 1300employee,22.8%of them is 297 qualified staffs having various professional titles (35 the seniors,139 the middeles, and 123 the juniors).

the structure and organization of Fushun Coal mine Safety Instrument General Factory is Line and Staff Organization as well as Divisional Organisation.We have 16 departments and 8 workshops.The 8 workshops are Machining.Assembly,Cylinder.Power,Mould,Electroplating and Welding,Metding,Metal Punching,and Composite Cylinder.We also have 6 divisions include Monitoring & Control Technical center,Safety Equipment Sub-Factory,Rescuing Equipment Sub-Factory,Optical Instruments Sub-Factory,Fire Extinguishers Sub-Factory,and Pharmacertical Sub-Factory.

89 various technicians include 21 the seniors and 26 the middies,constitute 8 research groups include: Coal Mine Rescuing Equipment,Fire Equipment,Monitoring System,Portable Detector,Optical Instrument,Medical Rescuing Equipment,Air Compressor,and Composite Cylimder,are actively involved in research and innovation in new products. Our well-equipped research facilities such as Chenical Laboratory,Burst Test laboratory,and Measuring Laboratory powerfully support their works.

Our concept is tl pursue survival through product quality,to pursue development through technical progress,to pursue profit through management innovation.We were awarded"Quality Control Prize"by Liaoning Province and the ministry of Coal Indrstry,granted "Secong Class Measuring Certificate"by The State Administration of measurement,entitied "Advanced Enterprise in Science and Technology" by liaoning Province,evaluated as "A Province Class Trustworthy Business Entity" by lndustrial and Commercial Administration of Liaoning Province.

From our foundation to the end of 2000,we have developed and produced 149 kinds of product widely used in coal mining, fireservice,petrochemical industry,space and aviation industry,metallurgical industry,environmental protection,civil applicationsetc.31 kinds of our product have been filled in the gaps in the same fields in China ,12 are China National Patent,11 were awarded "Top Quality Prize" by the state,Liaoning Province,and the Ministry of Coal Industry,32 were awarded "invention Prize","Scientific and Technical Achievement Prize","Scientific and Technical Sdvance Prize"by the state,Liaoning Province,and the ministry of Coal industry.

A broad variety of our product include: Self-contained Breathing Apparatus,Positive Pressurs Oxygen Respirator,Self Rescuer,Emergency Escape smoke Hood,Optical Interference Methane Detector,Methane Power-off Controller,Monitoring & Control Systenm,Gas Detector ,Sir Compressor,Carbon Composite Cylinder,Steel Cylinder,Chemical Protection Suit,Oxygen Administrator, Automatic Resuscitator etc.





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