Chongqing Branch of China Coal Research Institute
   Shangqiao, Shapingba,Chongqing,China

first published 22-11-2007
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Chongqing Branch of China Coal Research Institute (hereinafter referred as“Chongqing Branch”) was set up in January,1965.It is subordinate to China Coal Research Institute run by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council and has independent legal personality. It is located in Shapingba District of Chongqing, occupies an area of 30.4ha,and now has 860 employees, registered capital of 30.512 million yuan and total assets near 400 million yuan.

   In July,1999,Chonaqing Branch was transferred into is a scientific and technological enterprise, under it there are ten research institute, the National engineering research center for coal mine safety technology, the National Supervision and Test Center of Coal Mine Dust Control, Ventilation and Safety Products and the National Mine Safety Metrological Station. It is mainly engaged in scientific research of safety and environmental protection technology, the product development, manufacturing and logistics in the fields of such as the coal mines, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, fire control and non-coal mines, etc.

     Chongqing Branch possesses a talent contingent with high technical quality engaged in scientific research and development, and now has 561 specialized technical person in different kinds, of which 30 are professors, 150 are senior engineers,205 are engineers, 15 senior technical personnel holding Ph.D. degree and 106 holding master degree. With the approval of the State Education commission, Chongqing Branch was accredited to confer Ph.D.      degree and master degree in safety technology and engineering as well as master degree in mining engineering.

Chongqing Branch established the only national large gas and dust explosion test gallery which is the longest of its kind in Asian and Pacific Area, a full-scale test gallery for dust, ventilation and fire and a number of key laboratories including gas and coal-bed methane exploitation and utilization, gas and dust explosion prevention and control, composite dust control, fire prevention and control, geo-technical engineering, safety instrument and equipment test and inspection, etc.

Chongqing Branch fulfils the enterprise’s mission of “devoting to safety science and technology and promoting life guarantee” and follows the enterprise’s development policy of laying equal stress on public welfare research and industrial development. Since the establishment of Chongqing Branch, it has undertaken and completed about 720 national key scientific and technological projects, the major projects in coal industry and the projects given by the province and municipality, of which about 210 projects won the national invention awards, the national, provincial or municipal technological progress awards.

Chongqing Branch is now one of the chief scientists units of the national 973 Program, undertook the study of a number of the national natural science foundation projects, played an important role in study of key safety technology and common technology for coal industry and relevant industries and made significant contribution for safeguarding the national and people’s life and property. All of these achievements have produced huge social benefits.

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