We managed to find a very small number of these extreme gauges
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Here is a unique offer.
I am able to offer a very limited number of "La Spirotechnique" military depth gauges.
These gauges have been specially designed for combat divers using there oxygen rebreather.
The gauges have a scale running to 16 meters and made from steel
The luminous (green) letters are very clear in dark water.



The gauges are unused!

An extremely heavy construction due to military specs.

The Gauge is slightly smaller than a common gauge. A normal gauge is usually 70 mm. This gauge is 55 mm.
The thickness (height) = 28 mm



Here you see the difference. A usual gauge weights 150 gram


The Spirotechnique is a smaller gauge but weights 260 gram!
Last picture shows the difference in size between a normal and the military gauge.
The depth gauge has been tested by myself. It is surprising to see the precise measuring. In the swimming pool the scale is already used for a quarter!
The meter is an ideal instrument for dive training in the 0 - 15 mtr zone!
The Zero setting is done with a hex-key. On the photos you see the hand is not pointing to zero. When the gauge is submersed 0 setting will be reached.
check the depth gauge gourou here: http://www.atra.name/

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