As a result of a cooperation between Nautiekdiving and we have the opportunity to offer you this extremely rare rebreather.  The Fenzy PO 68 is a rare rebreathers designed according to many military standards and are the result of years of development. This particular Fenzy is a jewel for a collector. The condition of the unit is such that diving the unit no problem after maintenance
Original Fenzy PO 68 rebreather.
This is a absolute unique piece of equipment
The unit is in good condition.
Fixed price  1.950,-
Transport for buyers account, transport costs  to be determined in advance.
This particular unit comes complete:
  • Fenzy PO 68 unit

  • Oxygen bottle original***, SM gerzat aluminium (non magnetic)

  • Manual

***The original bottle is made of aluminum 5283. Since Gerzat (luxfer) announced this bottle should not be used for underwater purposes, the buyer has to sign a declaration that states he knows about this safety issue. In all other cases the bottle can only be bought with a hole drilled in the bottle. The safety warning can be found here.
For very detailed information please check out the tear-down page describing al parts in detail:


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