As a result of a new co-operation between Nautiekdiving and we have the opportunity to offer a series of unique and rare rebreathers. The FGT 1/D units are in excellent condition and have been used by armed forces. The FGT 1/D series of Dräger are rebreathers designed according to many standards and are the result of years of development.

There is a dedicated page with technical information about the FGT 1/D here:  specifications
There is a dedicated photo page with pictures of similar units here: pictures
The shown pressure tester is not a part of the delivery

Selling terms:

All units are going to be delivered with a  manual. The manual is written in German language.
A spare parts list will be available on request for the buyer.
The offered price is without transport fee, transport is charged to the buyer. Depending on the location an agreement on the terms of delivery has to be made. That include: quoting costs for transport to the buyer. Exchange of training details of the buyer. The units are shipped after the money is received on the account of Nautiekdiving Netherlands. Further details will be exchanged by email. Please contact me per email.

In the following pictures you will see the FGT's that are offered for sale. The units come in there original basket and are delivered with two bottles designed for the FGT.
The semiclosed rebreather is a superb product that has split counter lungs. The dosage unit is designed to work with three standard mixes:

Gasmix Nato type

% Oxygen

% Nitrogen

Flow l/min

Worktime min

Depth mtrs






24 m












42-54 m

You will be able to dive 110 minutes with Nitrox 40 in a depth range of 24 - 40 meters. If you plan to build a closed circuit rebreather the unit can be modified to be dived as a closed circuit manual controlled rebreather.

Original FGT 1/D Semiclosed rebreather.
This is a absolute unique piece of equipment build with  Dräger technology.
The unit is in excellent condition.
Fixed price  € 1.995,-
Transport for buyers account, transport costs  to be determined in advance.

The units have signs of use, and the shown units are an example of the quality of the delivery. The units are tested and should be flow tested before they are going to be used for actual diving. Diving the FGT 1/D needs a specialised training. If you are not trained for the use of this rebreather it should be used for exposition purposes only!

Please sent me your address and phone number if you want to buy this fantastic unit. An invoice including the actual cost of the transport (for buyers account) will be sent to you.
To order this unit please sent me a message.

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