Standard a Dolphin is a semiclosed rebreather suitable for diving a range of different nitrox mixes. Since nitrogen is part of these mixes gas has to be dumped from the loop time to time. Therefore is is a semiclosed unit.
This unit however has the injectors removed. These are replaced by a dosis valve made by Hydrogom. The hydrogom valve is a top quality valve with stainless steel hoses and Swagelock appendages. Thos valve injects a predetermined gas dosis in the loop equal to your metabolic consumption. In this way the unit operates as a MCCR. The standard housing of the dolphin is made from a plastic shell. This shell is replaced by a stainless steel housing. This housing is equipped with two quicklock systems. Usiing this quicklock system it is very easy to change bottles. For safety reasons a Closed circuit rebreather should always have a monitor to check the partial pressure of oxygen. The rEvodream is a great monitoring system including a Head Up Display (HUD) mounted on the loop. The complete set consists of:

  • Dolphin rebreather
  • Hydrogom valve with first stage Swagelock hoses
  • 2 Oxygen tanks 3 ltrs
  • 2 Diluent tanks (trimix) 3 ltrs
  • 1 complete first stage for the diluent addition
  • 2 quicklock connectors fitting the stainless steel housing
  • 1 rEvodream ppO2 monitor, 2 cell in the loop sensor housing, 3 LED HUD
  • Bottle connector on the bottom of the housing.
First stage- Cell monitor - rEvodream - HUD
Dolphin with CL's in good condition
Stainless steel housing, black box for oxygen cells
Head Up Display for continue oxygen monitoring
Hydrogom MCCR equipped with Swagelock components
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