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Name Janwillem Bech Email: jw.bechATquicknet.nl replace AT by @
Adress Haagwindelaan 20 rekeningnummer ING 4173234  
City Oosthuizen tnv JW Bech  
Postal code 1474RB    
Country Netherlands    
IBAN NL71INGB0004173234    
Banklocatie Amsterdam    
Beroep Hoger Veiligheids Kundige HVK    

Diving career:

Started diving March 1989 Logbook 39138
Snorkeldiver 22-4-1990 NOB (Dutch underwater Ass.)
1* diver 10-6-1990 NOB
2* diver 26-5-1991 NOB
3* diver 27-09-1992 NOB
4* diver 12-09-1993 NOB
Clubinstructor 1994 NOB 1644
1* instructor CMAS/NOB 29-12-1995 NOB 1644
2* instructor CMAS/NOB 11-07-1999 NOB 1644 NL-M2-0185 CMAS
3*instructor CMAS/NOB 04-11-2006 NOB 1644 NEDFM3120000217
Nitroxdiver 06-6-1999 NOB  IANTD
Advanced Nitrox diver 06-7-1999 NOB IANTD 40978
Advanced Nitrox Instructor 11-3-2001 NOB  CMAS 0018
Compressor Operator Fillingstation manager 10-3-2000 Dräger IANTD
EANX Blender 11-8-2000 IANTD IANTD 40978
Inspiration Rebreather Diver 06-5-2001 IANTD IANTD 40978
Member of the Duth rebreather working group NOB 08-12-2001 NOB  
Inspiration Normoxic rebreather diver 09-02-2003 IANTD IANTD 40978
Inspiration Full Trimix rebreather diver 24-05-2003 IANTD Rob Postma / Dave Thompson IANTD 40978
Member of the  Committee Technical Diving NOB (CTD) 19-01-2005 NOB  
NOB IT (instructor trainer) 18-06-2005 NOB  
3* NOB Instructor 1644 04-11-2006 NOB Applied for CMAS status
3* CMAS instructor NEDFM306000407 02-01-2007 CMAS  

Me (left) and Ivo preparing for a 50 meter dive in Hemmoor Germany during Normoxic training with Rob Postma as our trainer.
Returned after 1:50 h very cold but satisfied ;) We even found a safe!
Unfortunately it was emptied by someone we think was not the owner!

France, after 2 hours diving, max  82 mtr CC trimix dive, preparing for a beer ;)

Egypt 2006, Marsa Alam Egypt, protective cap applied.

North Sea 2009

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