Depth, time and oxygen sensor display
180deg rotating display
Buhlmann algorithm with user configurable gradient factor conservatism
External battery compartment
Automatic switch-on by depth and/or pressure
Automatic ambient light sensing LCD illumination
High/Low PO2 and Deco violation alarm
Fully independent HUD with three cell real time and simultaneous PO2 indication
Imperial and metric displays
Two set points, each of which can be set between .4 and 1.4
User definable oxygen content of supply gas
A menu system that adapts to diving status
Automatic turn off after 30 minutes on the surface
Set point is controlled and sensors displayed while in menus
Handset crush depth exceeds 185 meters, head has no limit
Recommended depth limits; 40m Nitrox, 167m Trimix.
Any combination of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium
Open and closed circuit gas list, switchable during a dive
5 CC and 5 OC user selectable gases
Gases can be enabled/disabled, changed and added during a dive
CNS tracking
No lockout
Automatic setpoint switching (configurable)
Battery life of up to 360 hours
Backup battery to allow battery change without losing tissues
Adaptive PID setpoint control
Total control calibration system
Automatic diluent flush display calculation
Millivolt display for all cells “on demand”
Easy oxygen cell replacement
Robust, single billet manufactured head
User serviceable wiring loom
Critical components protected in the event of a flooding
“Single moving part” failure tolerant and user serviceable solenoid
Solenoid failure detection system
Built in 4th cell holder
Completely independent power supplies for the Controller, HUD and solenoid
End user updateable firmware via infra red interface

The pursuit manual is available online here:  http://homepage.ntlworld.com/brent.h/pursuit/manual.pdf


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The “Pursuit” Rebreather controller, an integration for the Inspiration which was developed by Brent Hudson, John Routley and Bruce Partridge. A partnership of Narked at 90 and Shearwater Research inc. Link:

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