The Liquivision is a computer made in Canada. You will find the details about the hardware on this website:

In fact the Liquivision X1 computer is an open source computer that can be programmed by the user. Currently the Buhlman GF algorithm and the VPM-B and VPM-B/E algorithm are available. The computer has a build Infra Red Port for communication for future applications. (for example to communicate with a solenoid and three cells....) To obtain this computer you buy the hardware in Canada for US $ 1550 = ~ Ä 1050,-. The next step is to buy the GAP software online through my website or your local GAP dealers. You can obtain the software by sending a request to . The Liquivision X1-GAP software offers exactly the same profile as your GAP PC software. Upgrades will be free available for the users of this software!
You are able to upgrade the X1 software yourself by using the USB cable and connector provided with the hardware.
The same adaptor is used to charge the computer.
The X1-Gap software will cost you 120,00 euro. The current Beta version only 80 euro. The X1 offers full trimix rebreather supported software including bailout scenario and build in digital compass!


 Liquivision has produced a powerful dive computer with a unique OLED display and a tapping system for buttons. GAP-X1 is the powerful embedded software that uses this unique hardware to make the most powerful dive computer with Buhlmann GF as its model.

Here you find additional information about the OLED display:
Or in Dutch:
Display Specifications
128x64 OLED display (Organic LED)
180 degree viewing angle
2000:1 contrast ratio
Ultra-bright with giant fonts for easy readability
Readable in complete darkness
Depth Measurement & Rating
330m depth rating
Accuracy : +/- 0.4% (0-140m), +/- 1.5% (140m-400m)

Modes & Features
Dive time in minutes & seconds to 9999'59"
Tapping instead of buttons
10 switchable gasses
10 switchable setpoint
10 decogasses or diluents
OC/Gauge/CCR modes with bailout
USB PC Interface & user upgradeable software
Download different software packages from 3rd party manufacturers
Digital compass


A special visible feature will show you when you approach your stop. Also your selected diluent is already showing. If you decide to ignore this the stop time and TTS is updated accordingly.

The digital compass shows you your magnetic north and two headings which you can set for interesting points. This digital compass is gimbaled and  and be read even upsidedown.

The logbook has capabilities for 30 hrs at 1 second interval or more than 300 hrs when op 30 sec interval. The unique capabilities of the X1 gives raise to a nice dive profile viewing at the end of the dive.

Kees Hofwegen
Kees Hofwegen explaining the features of the Liquivision X1 decompression computer, please look at the small dimensions of the computer housing!
A very compact and small design! Even in full light the display is clearly visable!
We are only allowed to look, not to touch or ask ;)))) (mask of the russian IDA-76 fitted Tino perfectly!)
Connect the multifunction attachment and start charging. In this attachment you plug your USB connection.
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Recently I met Kees Hofwegen, the programmer of GAP-Software. Kees showed me a complete new  decompression computer with fantastic features. The computer called Liquivision X1 is the first computer equipped with OLED (Organic LED) display. This display offers a fantastic incredibly clear view! In this article you will be introduced to the features of the Liquivision X1

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