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After receiving several homebuild projects from Lothar Weidinger he now managed to make a very very nice streamlined model. The original green color has been changed but not only the outside has another appearance! Look as this rebreather! There are many things in this model I like very much. The mouthpiece is the Submatix one hand operated one! Check this out:


Most people know all the names and abbreviations but for new readers a little help:

  • IDA 71 russian semiclosed chemical rebreather, selfgenerating  cartridge, scrubber cartridge

  • MCCR manual controlled closed circuit rebreather (setpoint is maintained manual)

  • CMF constant mass flow valve, valve that "bleed" oxygen in the loop with a fixed mass

  • RG-UF/M east German tank rebreather

  • Oxygauge, device to measure the partial pressure of Oxygen



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Additional information

The housing is a black powder painted. It looks like new.
It is designed as a MCCR with CMF valve equipped with 2x2 l cylinders, one for Oxygen and the other one for Bailout/BC-Inflation/Dry-suit-Inflation (Air). I planned for deeper/ longer dives to use an extern bailout (3-l-Aluminium, side-mounted) with Nitrox 50.
The Oxygen-mass-flow comes, how in all my rebreathers, from a RG-UF/M regulator.
The one-hand-mouthpiece is from Submatix.
For ppO2-controlling I use two Oxygauges. The BC-Jacket is a weight-integrated old Seaquest Black Diamond.
There is also the possibility to breath (OC) from the oxygen-cylinder in depths up to 6 m.
Lothar, thanks for the contribution to my web!

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