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Before I start writing about the rebreather I want a appreciation on the first lines, to you and your great website. I want everyone who is interested in my rebreather project to know that without the discovery of this website three years ago, this "Baby" could never born. Here I found the inspiration, the knowledge and the ability to build the project.
THANK YOU JAN WILLEM. Behind this project there are hours, days, months and three years of information collection, and standing near lathes and mills machines watching carefully what the man is doing, and more more and more...........moments of supreme pleasure.


David Elbaz from Israel build his own rebreather. The system that works in ECCR and MCCR modus is shown here in full glory. David, thanks for sharing this information with us. Updates on the project are highly appreciated! This moment the electronics are build for the unit and details will follow soon!


Here you see the complete ECCR unit.






  1. scrubber canister

  2. from bailout mixture to manifold

  3. from diluent tank to the ADV and bailout second stage

  4. to ADV valve

  5. to BC system

  6. bailout and diluent valve

  7. auto diluent valve ADV

  8. oxygen bypass valve

  9. bailout regulator

  10. one-way valve















The system can be dived in ECCR or MCCR modus. More details will follow soon.
2009 APRIL system updated to MCCR
After a long period with some spinal problems, David sent me photos of his updated machine! The rebreather is now a full MCCR rebreather with CMF system
last publication 16-04-2009

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