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Frank build his mCCR Dolphin and improved it during three years! 08-03-2020


I have builded myDolphin mCCR in about 3 Years and now i think its finished!


This Unit has the Name "Dark Side Dolphin" Release 4.5


I dive this Unit in the German Lakes and in the Red Sea, This is my primary Unit.


The Concept is a Kiss mCCR with Contant Mass Flow system (mCCR).


The Operation depht is up to 70 Meters with a constant Flow and deeper with complete manual controled add (This makes a lot of workload and is only for divers with steel nerves).

But since i prefer to stay alive I dive this unit with Diluent Air up to 40 Meters.


Configuration Oxygen side:


Apeks DS/4 with fixed LP /Plug @ 12 bar and OPV.

Inflator Hose to the Hydrogom mccr valve.

(JJ-CCR like Offboard Gas over Inflator connector possible)



1x Inflator Hose to the BCD

1x Inflator Hose to the MAV Diluent (to Bypass Unit).

1x Hose to the BOV (with QC Quick Disconnect)





Original Shell 

Modified V4K with Stand and Handle (Guard) made from V2K 

Modified Apex WTX (cut out for better access to the Counterlungs and Bypass Unit) with DIR like Harness.




right Side 1x Oxygen Tank 2l up to 4l (i prefer 3l Alloy Tanks) valve below


left Side 1x D

Diluent side:


Apeks FST with 

1x LP Hose to Mainfold.

1x seperatly Hose to the ADV/Bypass Unit (with Shut off or Blow Up)
1x Hose with Schwagelock Connection for Offboard Gas from the Bailout Tanks.


Additionally JJ-CCR like Offboard Gas over Inflator connector to the Diluent MAV possible)


Hose-routing the Mainfold:


Diluent Tank 2l up to 4l (i prefer 3l Alloy Tanks) valve below


Rear horizontal 1x 1,5l Tank for Drysuite




Original Counterlungs but the OPV is modified (harder), Golem Gear Shrimp BOV, tecme 3-Cell-Holder, tecme 90 angle and tecme Adapter for O2 injection via inflator hose adapter into exhale side of scrubber tank.



Oxygen monitoring:


1x external 3-Cell Holder with Shearwater Petrel2 EXT Computer 1x internal 1-Cell P-Port Holder with Tecme pPO2 Monitor (Backup)


PLease enjoy the pictures and feel free to send questions!
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You can reach frank here: frankroeder(youknow)gmx.de
Frank, thanks for your contribution!
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