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Seaway has introduced there new Cora II rebreather. Long before the latest presentation Airway Introduced the CO.RA I. Both Cora units are semiclosed lung operated units. In German they are called "verbrauchsgesteuert". The simple concept of this rebreather has some nice features but above all the most surprising factor is the price. The unit is sold for 1800 euro!
Unfortunately there is no CE marking now. The rebreather was introduced in 2006 on Boot Germany. In 2007 the unit was on Boot again and looked much better now! (Technically not much changed however). Also they showed a new model with the scrubber mounted parallel to the shoulders. That model will be published later. Let's have a quick look at the CORA I and a more detailed look at the 1800,00 euro Seaway CORA II


The CORA II is designed in such way that by interchanging the lids the function of the rebreather can be changed. Now the unit is available in 4 versions:

-Semiclosed lung operated rebreather with the use of 1 Gas

-Semiclosed lung operated rebreathers with the use of two gases (CMF flow)

-MCCR, closed circuit with manual addition and constant mass flow of 0,8 ltr/min (Kiss style)

-ECCR, electronic controlled closed circuit rebreather (to be released..)

CO.RA I made by Airway
A huge mouthpiece conform the 1997 standards ;))
Over the shoulder counter lungs. Extremely short loop!
Mouthpiece with shut off valve
The scrubber has been placed in a stainless steel housing made of V4A (1.4571)
Each unit comes with engraved serial numbers
The scrubber inside the housing is placed asymmetrical, in such way it is impossible to connect inhalation and exhalation tubes in the wrong way.
The Lid can easily be opened
Gas addition on top of the scrubber
Although the gas enters the scrubber in radial direction, the actual scrubbing finds place in axial direction! The scrubber contains maximal 3,5 kg sofnolime.
The housing has extra thermal isolation to prevent the scrubber of cooling in cold water.
Housing lid with eccentric groove for scrubber
Manual addition + OPV
Counterlung Assembly
I hope you enjoyed the CORA II

last edited 2 may 2007

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