I'll give a brief out line of our new prototype, hopefully it will be of interest .we didn't want to design a whole new rebreather , every one has there own way of setting up their RB, we wanted to build the heart of the system ,the scrubber and electronics allowing divers to set up the rest as they want. I teamed up with a good friend of mine Pascal and we put our heads together and came up with the Camelion. an integrated aluminium scrubber and electronics pod with integrated stand and lifting handle. primarily aimed at classic Inspiration owners who can use all the other parts like lungs wings harness etc but allowing them to place there own electronics ,ie shearwater, hammerhead etc setting the system up to suit them. the electronic pod holds up to 5 cells  ,solenoids,  2 or more can be placed here taking into account future upgrades of controllers. there are 2 oxygen feeds allowing the user to set up with full electronic  control or a CMF system or both side by side ,which seems to becoming more popular. there are 3 ports to connect computer ,hud, and a backup  display.The scrubber is still undergoing design changes ,in the prototype it is a radial holding over 2.6 kg of scrubber material but still undergoing testing to see which design is more efficient. On the prototype the back plate tank holders and parts of the base are made from titanium. We will be showing this in London, but want to point out that this is a prototype and is not on the market. We would like to see if there is a place for something new and we think different.

Michael Hearn  and Pascal Eeckhoudt 27-02-2008

Thanks Michael for sharing this information!

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Michael Hearn and Pascal Eeckhoudt show there new
Cameleon adaptive system.

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