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Recently I received an email from Mr. Al Betters. He has a absolute unique rebreather and asked me the value before he offered it for sale. Since this unit is so rare I made an exception to make the rebreather available for all the readers of my web. I will ask you to sent your offers direct to Mr. Betters, since I am not part in this deal. I just offer Mr. Betters this opportunity because his diving history and equipment is so unique! I hope he will get the best price possible for the unit. Please start your minimum bids with $3.500,- since that amount is already offered! Your emails can be sent to: The rebreather is the same as described in my database oxygen rebreathers and can be found here.

Mr. Betters wrote:
Mr. Bech, I am a friend of Michael Jung's and have been collecting diving equipment since I left the navy in 1956. I have owned many rebreathers used by the US navy and also one used by the Hans Hass group.
My wife & I are now contemplating moving into a retirement home and I would like to get an idea of value for the subject rebreather before I offer it for sale.  Michael Jung suggested I contact you with information & pictures of the unit.
The unit is exactly like the one shown on your web site and also on Michael's site. It has an extra unused orange mouthpiece but a part of the breathing bag where one of the hoses enters the scrubber container is torn. Otherwise, the unit is complete with O2 bottle, valves, very good hoses and all the straps in very good condition.

I hope to hear from you
Al Betters


I hope the new owner of this rebreather will let me know what is going to happen with this fine piece of equipment!


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