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Aquatek is showing some of there new rebreather models. The new sports voyager is a nice unit to see. It has a remarkable similar design features as the Seaway.
Aquatek has several models that can be seen on there website

Available models are:

  • Voyager 1

  • Voyager 2

  • Voyager tek

  • Voyager sport

  • Voyager AR-O2 (oxygen rebreather)

  • Voyager RD

Voyager 2 MCCR

Voyager sport semiclosed rebreather
1 pO2 scan
Very nice designed oxygen rebreather. According to aquatek also sold for military purposes
Voyager -O2, oxygen rebreather with split counter lungs and 1,6 kg cannister 160 min DT

Here you see the Voyager TEK/1/2 massive bypass valve with adjustable flow valve.

Voyager TEK with three oxygen sensors
thanks ivo

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