At duikvaker on the Museum of Diving the following collectors showed there diving gear: 

The boot was a complete homebuilder project. We build it during one day using wood nail screws and a lot of enthausiasm! 
bootsize: 18 x 5 meter = 90 m2 
here you see the professionals building the wooden walls in matter of hours! ;) 
well done!! 
Melvin gives feedback to the operational center! 
Kitchen and door are build in one hour!
Now we have te eat the well earnt high quality BIO food, made of pure oil! 
Kees enjoyes a ........... 
here the actual standbuilding starts 
fashion or rebreather fair? 
ok, fashion it is.. 
special stands for the WWII pirelli and the Draeger 1936 rebreather KG 130 
now we are talking 
here you see Melvins Russian gear.  
Some of the old units displayed with modern technology! 
Jeroen offered me a very nice old Siebe mouthpiece. He also took a book showing how the mouthpice was worn. A try out was organised on the spot. 
Kees and Maria 
Shallow water helmets! 
Miller Dunn shallow water helm from USA florida 
This tank was used by the shallow water helemt divers and some demonstrations of the firebrigade 
shallow water helmets in action! 

Visit of a member of the Royal Dutch  Family Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven.
Pictures thanks to Jan de Groot,  Kees en Maria, Jeroen en Patricia en Jan Willem
Hope to meet you next year on Duikvaker 
 Created : 11-02-2009
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Last 7 and 8 February 2009 "Duikvaker 2009", the Dutch diving Exhibition was held in Utrecht. On this fair we met a lot of friends among them people from all over Europe. On a special boot called "Museum of Diving" we had the opportunity to show the collection of 5 people. The result of this is shown here. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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