Tiger CCR
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Author: Stefan Besier.
Report of Dema 2004 Houston.
The main attraction at the LRT/O2 Tech both was the Tiger CCR.
A testing prototype, the Tiger is supposed to be available in May 2005.
The display included a laptop with graphics that was projected onto a big screen.
The oval housing of the unit was quite streamlined, with the tanks on the unit mounted like stages under the diver's arms. Seen here is the diluent tank, the O2 supply is carried on the other side.

The red cable connects to the primary display, the mask mounted secondary was not attached at the show. The controller electronics are from Hydrospace Engineering http://www.hs-eng.com/  and includes the same RGBM deco software as their Explorer mixed gas deco computer.
The Tiger displayed was fitted with the Widolf FFM from Divematics, again with an OC integrated demand valve for bailout. This one however is LRT/O2 Tech specific.
It differs from the usual OC integrated DSV in that it not only supplies bailout, but also automatic diluent addition when the loop is open. For manual diluent addition the purge button is depressed.
The O2 side of the loop, with O2 Technologies Mark Johnson in the background explaining the unit. On the rig displayed at the booth no manual O2 valve was fitted. As different divers have different preferences for manual O2 addition it is optional to accommodate the customer. Usually a valve with a flow restrictor will be fitted, but a manifold for off-board O2 is also a possibility.

The second Tiger at the show, located at Oxycheq's booth http://oxycheq.com/index.html  and belonging to HS Engineering had the manual O2 addition valve fitted. But every time I visited the booth it was frantic, full of customers for wings, plates, computers and RB supplies. I didn't get a chance to photograph that rig.
The top of the Tiger. Two breathing hoses with the O2 supply hose for the solenoid and the primary cable in between.
The cutaway of the Tiger shows the inside of the unit. Rather than a single absorbent cannister, the Tiger uses two them. They use the same pre packed or refillable cannister as the Frog, with a U shaped single breathing bag covering and connecting both. At the Tiger page http://www.frogdiver.com/tiger.html  you'll find a graphic showing the gas flow through the unit.

The HSE primary display looks much like the company’s Explorer.
A look at the top of the cutaway shows the low profile of the Tiger CCR.



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