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Steam Machines  attended the show with the last two Prism Topaz CCRs that were assembled in California.
While Peter Readey made another long haul from California to the company's new premises in Tennessee, Sharon Readey, Jan from SMI and software engineer Gerard represented the company.
The 'bewitching' Sharon on her daily trip to the show. The outfits got as much attention as the rebreathers.
The booth certainly stood out with its Halloween decoration and costumes. It was located across from  Haskel's booth for which Steam Machines is a retailer.
SMI is also the distributor for Sodasorb, and with its ever growing popularity the company reported brisk sales.
They also officially announced that they will persue both ISO9001 and CE certifications for the Prism Topaz.
The Prism in the picture belongs to a former employee who customized it quite a bit.
The entire head assembly was polished to a high sheen, and a translucent battery lid was added. The primary and secondary calibration pods were also translucent, the former can be seen through the lid below the battery cable.
The primary Head Down Display was trimmed down smaller than the stock one, and mounted lower than usually. The owner is an avid caver diver who like to streamline things as much as possible.

The independent, analog secondary was also low profile, so much so that a large metal washer had to be added to the potting to insure the housing stayed solid enough to protect the needle gauge. It is also one of three prototype luminescent gauges.

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