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Micropore  http://www.extendair.com    presented its ExtendAir cartridge and scrubber canisters between a pair of rebreathers, an APD Inspiration and an OMG Azimuth. The latter was the only OMG rebreather I saw as Difesafe, their US representative was absent from the show. A shame as I was looking forward to Nemesis news, which also should have accommodated the scrubber cartridges. Here you can see the cannister fitted to the Azi, the same one used on the DiveRite prototype.

Micropore also had info sheets with a scrubber duration graph. The CO2 concentration in the loop reaches 0.5% at about 210 minutes. Testing was performed at 40 RMV, 1.35 LPM CO2 injection, 1 ata and 13 degrees C/55.4 degrees F.

This are the three adapter pieces for use of the cartridges with the Inspiration. The cartridge  holders for the top and bottom, both with seals, and a spacer ring. For Inspiration use no new cannister is required, the three piece kit replaces the bucket that holds the granules.

Micropore also supplies a smaller version of the cartridge to DAN for use in their new REMO unit. The Remote Emergency Medical Oxygen unit is a small rebreather to extend gas supply in remote areas. This is a perfect application for the cartridges as they are so much easy to handle.

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