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IANTD, hosted the DiveRite http://www.diverite.com/ CCR prototype.

The scrubber, using Microprene's ExtendAirŽ cartridges is horizontally mounted on top of the unit and will have a 3 hour rating. Those are twin 4 liter/27 cu.ft. tanks mounted below the scrubber. The frame of the prototype was made out of aluminium, which will be replaced by some sort of composite on production models. While beautifully done, that will help keep both weight and price down. The rig as shown weights in at around 71 lbs/32 kg. The frame does extend past the valves, both to protect them and to allow standing the rig up.

Obviously, the unit will have a BC and harness made by DiveRite. There will also be a cover, encompassing the scrubber, tanks and all the hoses seen here. Diluent supply is on the diver's left side, the O2 supply is carried on the right.
The over the shoulder counterlungs and valves looked perfect, not at all like a prototype. Right down to logos everywhere.
Gas flow is clockwise, so this is the exhalation bag with an OPV installed.
On the same side the scrubber opens to allow changing the cartridges. Also visible in this picture is the oxygen end of the gas distribution bar.
A look inside the scrubber reveals the three sensors on the upper opposite side. The red O-ring seals directly to the cartridge. Simply open the cannister, slide the cartridge over the rod and into the cannister, tighten it down, close the lid, done.
The gas distribution bar. O2 is on the left, diluent on the right side in the picture.
The 'head' end of the scrubber. It contains the sensors and the solenoid. The O2 feed to the latter can be seen coming in at the bottom of the cannister.
The three cable connectors into it are the cable for the handsets and the DIVA.
Here is the DSV mounted DIVA, part of the Hammerhead electronics by Juergensen Marine http://www.rebreather.us/  The two yellow and green pouches cover the wrist units.
The manual add valves for O2 and diluent are also visible.
Here is one of the two Hammerhead displays. The left one contains the setpoint controller, O2 readout and deco computer, the one on the diver's right is a redundant pO2 display.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to talk to Lamar Hires about the CCR, as he was in meetings and pretty booked.
So I don't have any idea about the production schedule.
I did however talk with Tom Mount about it. While the five hours he has on the prototype make a judgement impossible, his first impression regarding setup, handling and balance was favourable.
At their own booth, DiveRite displayed their scooter, which, according to Pete Nawrocky, is available now.
That's it folks, next story to come. Thanks Stefan!
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