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Another pleasant surprise was on Friday at the IANTD booth, when Tracy Robinette of Divematics http://www.divenet.com/divematics/  showed his
Shadow Pack III rebreather. This was a rare opportunity as Divematics only sells to governments and doesn't serve the civilian market.
The Shadow Pack III is a multi-mode rebreather that can be easily converted for use as an O2 rig, a needle-valved cmf-SCR or an electronically controlled mixed gas CCR by simply by switching out tanks and plumbing. The displayed unit was configured as an eCCR, with the solenoid clearly visible next to the O2 tank in the foreground. The axial scrubber has a 2.27 kg/5 lbs. capacity and is rated for 3-5 hours depending on configuration and dive profile/environment. The scrubber is equipped with a  heating device that wasn't disclosed in detail.

The Shadow Pack is a very streamlined and compact unit, measuring 21" x 14.5" x 6.75". It is fitted with Divematics' OC integrated bailout DSV. These DSVs can be equipped with a variety of 2nd stages, this one had one from Oceanic attached. The RB has over the shoulder dual counter lungs with water drains fitted on the bottom of each to aid loop recovery, and an overpressure valve fitted to the exhale lung. That's it, no hoses and manual add valves, very streamlined.
Instead the manual add valves, like on the MK series', are mounted to the sides of the case. Here the manual O2 valve can be seen right next to the O2 1st stage.

The head has a designated space for a 4th sensor for use with an O2 integrated computer and also houses the ADV.
The primary display has 6 LED's to convey information, and houses the controller electronics and its battery. Activation is by magnetic reed switch.
The secondary display scrolls through the sensor readings and also has LED's, and also contains its battery.
No batterys or solenoid in the breathing loop on this rig.

As a member of the Historical Diving Society Tracy has quite some appreciation for Janwillem's effort with Rebreathers Worldwide and promised me a feature and tryout of his rebreather. Stay tuned for more on the Shadow Pack.

This is Divematics' Widolf DR-600 fullface mask fitted with an OC integrated bailout DSV, in this case using an Apeks TX 100 2nd stage. It is a large but very solidly build and comfortable mask.

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