Ambient Pressure Diving
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Silent Diving Systems , the US and Caribbean representative of Ambient Pressure Diving  had a large booth again, showing the Inspiration and Evolution CCR's. I had high hopes to bring you some pictures of the new head and the thermo stack in the new cannister. While I got a look inside the head, APD was adamant about not making any photographs of it. Why I'm not sure as the Evolution is supposed to be shipped in November, so the pictures I sought are bound to appear soon after.

Visually, not much has changed. Solenoid, battery and cells are still where they used to be, but the the cable mess of the old head has been cleaned up. Aside from being black, the new head looks more tidy.

The new Evolution was the main attraction which I photographed already last year. Since then a couple of changes have been made. Depicted here is the final version of the HUD display. The LED's are actually in the head and light is transmitted by fibre optics.

The new handset will be made from aluminium rather than the plastic prototypes shown last year. That should keep the electronics safe from sloppy handling. They had a nice heft and finish to them.
What hasn't changed is the battery box.

Inquiring about the US prices didn't get me any further than inquiring to see the thermo stack.
Apparently SDS hasn't decided yet how much to charge next month.

Mike Fowler of Silent Diving Systems LLC contacted me just 1 hour after the publication, that he will take care providing the latest pricing information!
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